Me Too

I do

You do

We do

He does

She does

They do


We’ve all been complicit. Some by our actions, some because we are paralysed by fear either to do, or be done to or to be silent.

Enough now. I love the swelling of this powerful voice. Me too can seem like a phase. A trite phrase. But it is so much more. It is the beginning of a conversation that brings real change. It’s an awakening in (nearly) all women that “You too?” is the sad truth. Sexual abuse and harassment are tools of power and violence and war. The global charity Plan International writes:

“Girls continue to be the single most discriminated against and excluded group in the world simply because they are young and female. As a result they suffer a number of injustices including having to drop out of school, being forced into early marriages and becoming pregnant whilst still a child.

Yet girls have the power to create lasting change in their lives and in the world around them. We know that when more young female voices included in decision making, communities and nations become more just and more prosperous.

In 2015, world leaders agreed upon Global Goals that will shape the development of our planet until 2030. Unless we unlock the power of girls we cannot achieve those targets and girls will continue to be left behind.”

It’s as if a collective insanity has gripped all societies that girls and women must not be allowed to achieve their potential. Sexual abuse is a key part of how that is played out.

Time to change

#Me too but #notmychild

Rosie x

Rosie Woodhouse is a photographer, mother and campaigner. She is based on the Isle of Skye.