Whoop – GBBO is back! You know that means the Great British Bake Off right.? You couldn’t fail to love the twist and turns, the highs and lows, the breathtaking showstoppers  and the guilty pleasure glee when someone’s bake fails to ascend the dizzy heights demanded by the delicious Mary and silver fox Paul…

Great British Bake Off Great British Bake Off

this year’s contestants are falling at the first hurdles now and we viewers are starting to pick our favourites. Debate rages about the themed bakes…

Great British Bake Off

while Mel and Sue draw us in, soothe brows and calm split creme pat crises with distracting laughter

Great British Bake Off

and here is how Mary Berry saved my marriage..

Until two years ago .. *whispers*.. I couldn’t bake.. I was ashamed.My mother baked, her mother baked, my other grandmother ran hotels with fabulous patisseries. I live on Skye ..EVERYONE bakes..seemingly effortlessly..each social occasion is a feast of griddle pancakes, scones and CAKES. Cakes of every description, size and variety. All unfailingly beautiful and risen and perfect. And then…a glimmer, a chink…I started to watch The Great British Bake Off. If, like me you tweet, you will know it as #GBBO  and you will join the gleeful hashtag to the exclusion of all else once a week….



I began to think that maybe baking was not IMPOSSIBLE. And then, the ultimate challenge and afront to my WI credentials. My husband bought me the GBBO  book “How to Bake” for Christmas. Clearly it was time to take matters in hand. And then Mary Berry saved my marriage..


Just look at the incredible bake, the consistency, the rise, the crumb..all those words that Paul Hollywood tantalises the contestants with were mine! This is my 2nd cake baked to the recipe in the book..merely a simple Victoria sponge yet the mainstay of parties, bakes sales, bake stalls, raffles, fund raisers… the list of social acceptance is endless. As for the guaranteed adoration by my family…priceless.

2013-02-11_0005 2013-02-11_0006

Rosie x

Images c Love Productions/Des Wyllie and Rosie Woodhouse at Love Skye photography