This weather sucks, big time! Last week, after another rainy day at Nana’s house whilst I was working, the kids came home with, what is now affectionately known as, The Marshmallow Flinger. Who knew that 8 kebab sticks, 1 plastic spoon, an elastic band and a packet of Marshmallows could be so much fun?

Marshmallow Slingshot

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by giving you instructions on how to construct it, please just look at the picture and you’ll figure it out, it’s so simple.

TMK’s Nat is back in the UK for a visit and she brought her gang round for a catch up. We made it our mission in life make sure one of the kids caught a marshmallow in their mouth before they left ¬†and we managed to catch the mayhem on camera too!

Marshmallow Slingshot Marshmallow Slingshot

If you manage to fling a few let us see your attempts!

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