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It is now no secret that I got married just before Christmas – I say now as I did get married in secret but I’ll tell you more about why I chose to do it that way later on – anyway…when choosing my florist there was absolutely no doubt in my mind who would be the gal for the job.

I had met the lovely Emily a few times at wedding fairs where I was either exhibiting or visiting and we just hit it off. She is a lovely, bundle of creative energy and an inspiring woman to be around. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever met anyone with quite as much energy.

Emily started her business, back in 1999, and has seen the business go from strength to strength. Rumour has it that she served over 230 brides last year. For a one woman show that is pretty darn bonkers! But she loves it and I can tell you that she really invests her time, listens to you and produces the most fantastic arrangements.

Whether you are going for a vintage feel, traditional, exotic or wild, Emily, has lots of ideas to inspire your choice. Her advice is not to don’t get overwhelmed by magazines in which you see hugely elaborate designs, something equally as stunning and beautiful can be made with limited flowers and be just as eye catching.

Personally I love  the fact that she believes whole heartedly that your personality should sing though your choice of flowers which is why I went WILD with mine! Cabbages for my late Italian grandfather – a nod to the fact that he used to plant allotments everywhere and anywhere…including, bizarrely, on my grandmother’s grave. Rosemary for my Italian grandmother, Camomile for the 1960s style influence of the wedding and red Roses for my nan. And what with their photos tied with twine to the stems, I was thrilled with my flowers and my guests touched by their sentiment. Thanks to Anna Hardy – my wonderful photographer – for allowing me share my wedding images of Emily’s work with you, below.

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Emily doesn’t have a shop but works from a studio or her beautiful home – which if you choose to visit she will happily supply you with tea and cake. You can visit her website or get chatty with her on facebook.

Here are a selection of photographs of Emily’s beautiful work I shot recently at Quinton School Wedding Fair in Northants.

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We are thrilled to have such a creative young lady onboard as a sponsor. We hope 2013 brings you lots of luck, Emily!

Be lovely!

Jordanna x