Christmas Decorations

We starting making Christmas decorations in the Summer holidays, the kids thought I was slightly mental but rolled with it anyway.

After, yet another, trip to Ikea, I purchased these Swedish style cookie cutters which I instantly knew would make the kind of decorations that we wanted for this year’s tree – we’ve gone with a blue tree and white/silver decorations theme.

All you’ll need is a kilo block of white clay (The Range. £3.99), a rolling pin, a straw and any cookie cutter that you fancy using.

Roll out the clay to about the thickness of a digestive biscuit (see how technical we are at TMK HQ?) and cut as many shapes out as you can get. Pierce each decoration with a straw to make the hole to thread the ribbon through and then leave them to harden for a couple of days. Of course, you could paint these decorations any colour your heart desired but for the purpose of this exercise we’ve just gone with leaving them pure white and then added a Candy Cane type ribbon to hang it with.

Not only did we manage to fill a day in the summer holidays making these, the kids are now super proud of their handiwork and make sure everyone that visits us knows about it.

Christmas Decorations

2015-11-25_0003 2015-11-25_0001 Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

home made clay christmas decorations