Well, a few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of meeting a couple of inventors.  Now when I say the word ‘inventors’, rightly or wrongly I conjure up a picture of a couple of men dressed in white lab coats with mad hair and a slightly crazy look in their eyes.

But meeting these two lovely ladies at their home office on the South Coast, soon dispelled that rather old stereotype.  We grabbed a coffee and headed for the garden to sit in the glorious sunshine to talk about their brilliant new product, the Lumipotti.   Inventors Kerry and Rachel created the LumiPotti as a direct result of their experiences of night time toilet training with their own children.  Not only does this great product help children get to grips with the rather tricky, tiresome and sometimes stressful subject of night time toilet training, but it also helps the parents get through it too!  What a result.

Before I left, I grabbed a few shots of the LumiPotti in situ (ie in Kerry’s sons’ bedroom), and in their own words below, read about the LumiPotti’s beginnings …..


Conquer Wet Beds with Night Time Toilet Training from LumiPotti

LumiPotti is the night-light potty for night toilet training. It’s unique, but it’s also really simple. A removable, movement activated night light fits in the back rest of the potty and blinks on when your child sits up in bed. It stays on to guide them out of bed to use the potty and back again. LumiPotti light turns off sixty seconds after the last detected movement or in other words, once your child is resting peacefully.

It’s straightforward. The idea behind it is straightforward: to help your child stay dry at night by building their bladder control and night confidence.

Every year there are around 800,000 children and parents who embark on the same journey through toilet training. I think that’s reassuring that every year nearly 1 million parents are facing similar challenges.

OK, so some children start toilet training around 18months, others start later. Some tackle day and night simultaneously whilst others aim for day dryness first. Whatever way you choose to tackle toilet training there is world of help. Oh and there are plenty of potties too… You want a potty which plays music? One that plays back your recorded congratulations? One that dispenses sticker rewards? You got it.

There is a potty with every feature you can think of, but ultimately your child learns to toilet because of you.

In the daytime as parents, we will take our toilet training children to the loo/potty 100 times if they need it. In fact we ask our children every five minutes approximately if they need to go again. At that rate if your child is awake from 6am until a 7pm bedtime, you could average asking them 156 times a day if they need to toilet!

But what do you do at night? How do you help your child learn to toilet then?

You can’t be there all night for 100 toilet trips, but when the nappies come off, your child still needs you to give them a safe, independent way they can toilet.

To help you do that, we made LumiPotti.

LumiPotti was born from a simple desire to help a 2 year old girl (my daughter) and 2.5 year old boy (LumiPotti’s co-founder Rachael’s son) toilet safely at night.

Just like your child might be, they were too young to wander to the bathroom. They were too small to reach light switches and too little to be able to ‘hold’ it until morning. They were however keen to be independent and LumiPotti gave them a way to be safe and feel proud of themselves getting up to toilet like a big boy/girl.

This is true for children using LumiPotti now. They like the ‘eye’ like light and the smile like sensor. They like it because it lights up when they jump out on it at night. But mostly the children who use LumiPotti tell us they like it because it makes them feel safe at night. Safe means confident. And as that night bladder confidence grows there are fewer wet accidents and their confidence grows even more. It’s simple. Just like LumiPotti, the night-light potty with a simple goal, to help your child conquer night toilet training.

LumiPotti will go on sale in September 2013, but we are offering all TMK readers a 10% discount on LumiPotti if they register a pre-order before launch.  Simply email info@lumipotti.com with the subject ‘Code: TMK 10offer’.


Words:  Louise Bowditch and Kerry Marriott

Photographs:  BlueCloud Photography

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