Landscapes 365 was one of those little ideas that growed and growed. One day on a long drive home from holiday with two little people snoozing in the back of the car we took that moment, that rare chance that parents of little people rarely have. We paused, evaluated, and REALLY talked about what we wanted to do next. What our plans were to be for the years to come.

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We had escaped the rat race some years previously and had spent a wonderful few years renovating a rambling, shambling old mansion in Kintyre and completing our family. The house was finished and two dogs and one boy and one new baby girl later our family was created. We sensed that our time in Kintyre was coming to an end and that we wanted a new direction. We knew two things for sure. We would work for ourselves (we could NEVER return to commuter routine) and our work must be creative, using our hands and our heads..making something and if possible out of doors. But what to do?

On the final leg of our journey from Glasgow to Argyll a plan began to form. Well, it more kind of smacked us in the face and cursed us for not noticing the obvious thing to do next.Our passion for photography had been one of our common interests when we had first met many years before. Our chat about f stops, filters, and lenses bored our friends to tears but was utterly absorbing to us. As time had passed and we had moved to the country our passion for  landscape photography had erupted and without us really noticing it was happening we were exhibiting work and selling prints. With a move to the Isle of Skye, a holy grail for serious landscape photographers, looking likely, perhaps it was time to explore the potential of turning our hobby into our business.

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Roll forward 6 years and Landscapes 365 is a firmly established landscape and commercial photography business. New images are created daily and gifted to commemorate special dates. Births, engagements, marriages, retirals and special birthdays have all been celebrated with a print of a gorgeous Scottish landscape in our inimitable style.


Our dogs have become famous as “The Assistants” and our popular blog has covered a wide range of subjects far beyond the realms of photography. Love Letters prints and cards joined the range last year and wooden letters spelling out mesages of love have been carried high and low all over Skye’s mountains and beaches. Commercial photography for a huge range of clients from Skye and much further afield provides fresh and intriguing challenges. Our calendar sells out before the first print run is complete. Food photography (whereby the subject is eaten after the shoot) is a particular favourite of Andrew’s! Another aspect of “work” which Andrew looks forward to are our Photo Walks.. landscape photography courses for beginners and the  more serious landscape photographer seeking to improve their skills and practice in one of the most beautiful areas worldwide.

Every day is different. Every day involves making images with head and hands. Every day is welcomed.

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