Don’t you find that the best discoveries are the accidental ones? The one’s where you literally stumble upon something so lovely and wonderful you can’t help but smile? Well that is what happened to me on a particularly grey day a few weeks before Easter.

Well this is exactly the response I got when a random link I was emailed brought me into the world of

Preview of the website.

Three dads and one uncle, came up with this brilliant concept. It’s a simple idea but a genius set of processes which generate the final product. For each letter of the alphabet there is a corresponding set of illustrated words and a personalised story. The team had to illustrate hundreds of images, come up with hundreds of stories and work on creating the programming and software to enable the user to type in a name and hit preview to see their book appear on the screen. Not only do they have a bespoke story which is unique to them, they get to follow an adventure in finding the missing letters which make up their name. You can read all about how they came up with the idea right here.

Beautifully designed page sample from one of the books

Beautifully designed page sample from one of the books

The books are printed in Yorkshire and can be posted directly to your door. They deliver worldwide so no problems if you live outside of the UK. Imagine the surprise and delight as your child opens up and reads their very own book which eventually spells out their name on the very last page – I think in a world of mass computer based games and toys, there is something truly magical about receiving such a bespoke book. I know my children would be thrilled.

We are very excited that the lovely team has offered one free book for our TMK followers so we would like to invite you to submit your most unusual child’s name and we will pick a winner who will receive instructions on how to collect their prize. But do not despair, for those who do not win the free book we also have an amazing 20 sets of discount codes to giveaway too!!! (yes they are very very nice boys) and these codes will enable you to get 20% on ordering your very own book. How cool is that? Hurry as these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – all you need to do is go like our TMK Facebook page here (if you haven’t already get a friend to do it – we love to share), then like the Facebook page here and pop your details on a message to me We will then contact you with your code. Simple!

Rainbow with girl and boy.

Remember, adventure is out there!

Nat x