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I am a wedding photographer and recent bride so when Lola Bridal opened in Northampton town, a mere 6 months ago, it caught my eye.

It really is the most wonderful shop. Owned and ran by a fantastic mother and daughter team that are so friendly and helpful – in a matey way not in a forced I-want-to-sell-you-a-dress-if-it-kills-me-way, it is a unique shopping and fitting experience in the most gorgeous surroundings and I suggest all you engaged girls book yourselves an appointment. You will love it I promise you.

Besides trying on a dress or three prior to getting married I have had the honour to shoot Lola Bridal’s own fashion campaign which was lots of fun and very relaxed, much like Debbie and Lauren. We tried our best to break the mould of what is expected of a bridal shoot and I guess this value – breaking the mould – is what the girls aim for in their business.

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They told me that they thought, after shopping for young Lauren’s own wedding, that “The bridal shopping experience just wasn’t special enough, the changing rooms were often too cramped, the mirrors too stingy to be able to see the whole view, no drinks offered and generally the stuffy, formal atmosphere meant that what I had imagined to be the joyous occasion of finding THE dress just felt like one big yawnfest.” So, it is Lola Bridal’s mission to change this…and that they have.

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With the quirky, nod to vintage vibe – oh how I love that G Plan unit! – fizzy drinks on arrival – hic – and enough cupcakes to go up a dress size in a flash this experience is anything but intimidating it is laid back, luxurious and just lovely. You’ll feel instantly girlie as you walk through the door…and that is coming from me. The old cynic! 🙂

They currently stock The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, La Sposa by Pronovias Fashion Group, LM by Lusan Mandongus, Phil Collins Bridal, Glitzy Secrets accessories, Polly Edwards headpieces, Harriet Wilde shoes, Weddington Boots, and Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe. Special mention to the Weddington Boots – believe me these are awesome I had a pair for my December wedding. Everyone loved them, fun and practical…just what a Tomboy bride like me required! 🙂

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I asked the busy ladies how Lola fitted in to their lives. Lauren said, “I’m a mum and Lola works perfectly for me as my boy,Raff, goes to nursery 3 days a week – enough that he enjoys the social aspect, and not so much that I’m wracked with guilt about it! Plus we work short hours in the week so I can take him to swimming lessons on a Thursday, and we have Mummy and Rafferty day on Monday when we’re closed! I suppose it’s difficult that I’m working constantly, iPhones are the devil! However, when he goes to school I will be able to take him and pick him up everyday, and I can be much more flexible this way, which is a luxury not many people have. Plus I’m happy! I love what I do and I think that is good for him to see and be around.” 

Mum to Lauren, Debbie told me, “I absolutely love working alongside my daughter – we have such laughs and have been known to have the odd cry too! I love listening to everyone’s life stories and hearing all about their wedding plans. It is such a thrill to work with such lovely clients and see them appreciate the shop and what we are trying to do here. Hearing from clients that Lola is a breath of fresh air is music to our ears. The first few months of trading have been incredible – above and beyond anything we ever imagined so watch this space for Lola Bridesmaids and our big plans for 2013. And rest assured their will be no stiff satin dresses in sight!

Lola Bridal is situated on the Wellingborough Road, Northampton…although the girls told me they liked the sound of Lola London and Lola LA too…so watch this space!

Be lovely!

Jordanna x