A couple of times a month I have to don another of my many hats and become school governor for the evening.

The school in question is Linaker Primary School, in Southport, and last week I was asked to attend a presentation evening for 20 pupils from year 6.

It was freezing cold outside, I wasn’t feeling too well (although the cupcakes made up for it) but what came next shocked, surprised and thrilled me. A movie, put together by the pupils, about a recent school trip.

8 pupils, Mr Dempster, Mr Coleman & Mr Povey joined the Space Race by sending a helium balloon, complete with onboard camera and Lego passenger, to the edge of space.

I should tell you that, according to all instructions, the balloon should have come back down to earth within a 10 mile radius of the launch site but it eventually landed 80 miles away! So, the very next day, they headed off to track the elusive balloon down as documented in the following video.

Please take 5 minutes to sit and enjoy the movie below and if you would also like to read an account of this trip in the childrens own words then click right here >>>>> LINAKER ICT BLOG


The most exciting thing that happened to me at school was finding Manchester Tart was the dessert of the day. This is seriously awesome.

Well done Linaker Primary School and well done kids!

How are you going to top that?

Think big and reach for the stars,