Thank you so much to all of you who linked up last week. Yet again, it was a varied lot of photos – I loved the emotion in so many of them. However, we always pick two favourites and this week we have selected Lucas with a beautiful atmospheric winter shot – see here for the wonderful image. We also loved Julia at Rainbeau Belle for her fantastic sibling shot – they look so in love! See here for this image.

Today, we have photography tips from Melissa, who encourages you to capture everyday moments. At the bottom of the post you will find the linky – please feel free to link any image you like – there isn’t a theme, so just link away!

Winter can be a be demotivating when it comes to getting the camera out. I’m very guilty of just grabbing a few phone snaps because I’m normally weighed down with little coats and hats and all sorts of winter gear and can’t face taking my ‘big camera’. But I do love a misty day. There was truly nothing special going on when I took these a few weeks ago. The kids needed to run and I wanted to let them run – no posing for the camera.

I don’t believe in waiting until everyone is perfectly well behaved and neatly groomed to get great images. (You can my post about not waiting HERE). Although I left the girls to wander around freely, encouraging them to be where you want them to be definitely helps you get the shots you want in this kind of situation. eg. I asked them to have a race and run towards me and we also had a ‘jumping competition’. They didn’t feel posed or pressured and they loved seeing the results on the back of the camera.

So get out there – enjoy the kids doing what kids do best. Just mucking about. My next challenge is to make sure I’m in some of the images myself next time. Watch this space!
TMK - Let Them Run_0001

TMK - Let Them Run_0003

TMK - Let Them Run_0006

TMK - Let Them Run_0009

TMK - Let Them Run_0010

TMK - Let Them Run_0012

TMK - Let Them Run_0011

TMK - Let Them Run_0013

TMK - Let Them Run_0014

TMK - Let Them Run_0016

TMK - Let Them Run_0019

TMK - Let Them Run_0020

TMK - Let Them Run_0021

TMK - Let Them Run_0022

TMK - Let Them Run_0023

TMK - Let Them Run_0024  TMK - Let Them Run_0026

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