When you grow up in London, and there’s a sunny forecast, the whisper around the playground is ‘Are you going to Brighton?’ and then if you are lucky enough to jump on the train from Victoria or Clapham Junction to the fabled streets of Brighton, regaling your mates with what an EPIC time you had there.  I’ve often wondered why kids love Brighton so much Let me introduce you to some of its charms …

Proximity to London

Brighton is regularly referred to as London-by-the-sea. Certainly on those sunny days the trains are jammed full of people off to get their ‘vitamin sea’ fix whist still remaining in a buzzy, city environment. It’s certainly easy enough with kids to jump on the train and just spend the day there.


‘OM Geeeeeee’ yelled the kids when they realised ALL their favourite chain stores were there in ONE PLACE! Add to that some of the quirkier shops in the Lanes selling American Candy and the wonder that is Choccy hWoccy Do-Dah, you’ve got the makings of a wonderful shopping experience for kids.

The British Airways i360

Although this appears a little incongrousus on first sight, like an alien ship finally come to get us, it is actually a little awe-inspiring, in similar way that its slightly older sibling, The London Eye is. It stands at over 450 feet high, and the capsule obviously gives 360 degrees views of Brighton.

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After a loll around in the oversized deckchairs, and gazing at the burnt out West Pier (such an instagrammable shot), we boarded our ‘flight’ by the BA Attendants whilst the British Airways signature theme tune was piped through the sound system.


I did wonder what the kids would think of it; my daughter isn’t known for her love of sight-seeing, but the two tweens loved the experience. As they went live on Instagram, it was clear they wanted to let their friends know just what an amazing time they were having, and how fabulous the views were. There were lots of selfies.

Back to the views – they are just fabulous. Not only are they far-reaching (even on a gloomy day) to the sprawl of the city and out to the downs, but you also looking downwards onto the city and seeing Brighton in a totally different way. I loved looking down the beach, with the waves crashing onto the shore and the white cliffs of Seven Sisters along the coast. We loved our 20 minute ride, for the views and the wonder of the technology that got us up there.

why kids love Brighton,

They’ve certainly made it as kid-friendly as possible with a downloadable app full of games and information and a child friendly restaurant at the bottom. I was particularly inmpressed that there is a bar so as you observe you can sip some bubbly or a G and T!

i360, british airways i360, brighton for kids

There are lots of really great seasonal events for Halloween, Christmas and so forth. My daughter and her friend loved it, and it really did put a special edge on their daytrip to Brighton.

The Pier

It has fairground rides and arcade games. Enough said.

It’s easy to see why kids love Brighton, I certainly do as well!

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We were given complimentary tickets for the British Airways i360, but all opinions and views are my own. All images are my own, except the first photo