Our favourite Sunday afternoon thing to do, ever, is to bake scones. Yesterday I realised that my nearly 6 year old really can do this “all by myself Mummy” and I decided to step back and make some images. These are the kind of at home photos that I love – the children utterly engrossed in their project and just the way I want to remember these moments in years to come.

The scone recipe is simplicity

Oven at 200

225g of SR flour (or 225 g of plain flour and 3 level tsp of baking powder)

55g butter

25g caster sugar

milk to bind

Method: Mix the dry ingredients, chop the butter into small cubes and rub into the dry mixture until a fine crumb is achieved. Add little amounts of milk to bring the mixture together ( I like to keep the mix quite dry). Turn out dough onto a lightly floured board (avoid kneading or overhandling – not always so easy with little helpers) and roll lightly. Makes 12 small or 8 large scones. Pop into top of oven for 10 – 12 minutes. Eat with butter and jam.

scones, baking, recipe

scones, baking, recipe 2014-02-24_0006 scones, baking, recipe 2014-02-24_0007 scones, baking

You will see Kate checking the time ever so carefully in one of the images but then one of her friends called round and there was a slight moment of forgetfulness (from Mummy too) about taking the scones out of the oven! Kate quite enjoyed the drama of running around giggling and saying “I burned the scones, I burned the scones!


Rosie x

Images Rosie @ Love Skye Photography

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