Milly, our juice junkie, welcomes your questions today and onwards for any of you participating in the World’s Biggest Juice Detox (, or indeed any one just wanting to give juicing a try.

To tickle your juicing fancies – here are three juices I tried out with Milly. All delicious, and worth a go, even if you are not going to do the full juice detox.

Apple and Ginger Shot

–          1/2 -1 Apple (depending on size)

–          A good wedge of ginger (about an inch thick, or larger if you want a good kick!! But be careful, it will blow your head off!!)

Serve in a shot glass!

apple and ginger juice

Good at any time of the day, but it’s especially good first thing in the morning, in place of an espresso for all of you people who are trying to give up caffeine. This shot is a little pot of gold: It a natural antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, increases blood flow, promotes sweating and relaxes peripheral blood vessels (Jason Vale, The Funky Fresh Juice Book).

It’s also great for hayfever, get one of these down you every day and you’ll be laughing come spring/summer!

Minty Sunshine

X1 Oranges

X3 Carrots (top and tailed)

Mint (it’s just as good without the mint though)

Knob of ginger

A zingy juice which was lovely and sweet, best served over crushed ice in a wine glass



Milly’s Green Machine

X2 Apples

½ Avocado (blended)

1 big handfuls of kale

1 big handful of spinach

1/2 a cucumber

1 celery stalk
An unwaxed lime

A big chunk of broccoli stem

get ready to juice

This juice is a nutrient boost! For optimum nutrition – drink in the morning. Best served over ice in a tumbler. Don’t forget, avocados (and bananas) do NOT juice, you need to blend them in afterwards!!

Here’s another wee tip: all the goodness from the broccoli is in the stem, so we don’t generally juice the florets, but the florets are obviously great to munch on with things like homemade hummus.

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