I’m always on the lookout for businesses to feature under our supplier spotlight and at a recent Sefton Chamber of Commerce meeting I found an abundance of exactly what I was looking for.


There before me, sitting all on it’s own, was a glass jar filled with layer upon layer of sugary goodness. Contained within the jar is everything you need to make a fab batch of cookies. Who wouldn’t love to receive one (or two) of these jars a gift?


The brains behinds this business belong to Carol & Barrie Darbyshire. Just before Christmas last year Barry lost his job, a true sign of the times, but in a bid to be thrifty and save some money they decided to make homemade gifts for their family and friends. Jessica Bakes-Well was born. Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining and after numerous and motivating comments from the recipients of these gifts it gave Barrie all he needed to embark on this venture full time and to sell to the masses. In just a few short months they now have 23 retailers stocking their products!


All of the ingredients are precisely measured out and with simple instructions to boot, it really couldn’t be easier. Their range continues to expand, now including gluten free recipes, and new flavour cookie mixes being ‘invented’ all the time.  The latest addition is ‘Toblerone’ cookie mix, inspired by Father’s Day coming up….don’t forget it’s June 16th!


They also make Mini Jessica Bakes-Well wedding and party favours, which are already proving to be hugely popular 🙂
In the short time that I’ve known them I can see that Jessica Bakes-Well is constantly evolving, rolling with the seasons and with very big plans for the future. If you are a business that would like to stock these or a customer looking to buy a thoughtful gift then go and visit their page here. It’s the gift that keeps on giving too as you still have a fab jar left over long after the cookies have been snaffled.
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Think big and reach for the stars!
Vix x