For our final Image of the Week for 2013 the team have reviewed their year’s work and selected their favourite image.  Being photographers we are inspired by so much around us, nature, people, art, music, food and these images are our personal favourites which we’d like to share with you all. We’d love to hear from you about your favourite images.


This image is really special to me. Sometimes it can be hard to find a bit of inspiration when I’m taking pictures of the girls. I have to be honest, I find it easy in the summer. Beaches, happy kids, the great outdoors, but this year I was determined to document our down time, come what may in terms of weather. My eldest, Grace, loves to post for a photo, and we had great fun pretending she was being blown away by the wind.

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Picking a favourite image of the year is ridiculously hard. Whose idea was that? Ah, mine you say…best get on then. This image sums up so much of 2013 for me that it had to be my choice. My two lovelies actually getting on together. Tom is reading to his sister. They are wearing their matching school uniforms. In a huge family milestone Kate started school in August and although work has easily expanded to fill the hours we used to spend together the house remains rather empty feeling during the day. Tom is reading a Katie Morag story for Kate. Since Truly Madly Kids launched in March they have frequently been little testers and reviewers, but easily their favourite TMK project of the year was to attend the preview screening of Katie Morag. A story about a red headed girl on a Hebridean island? At last a tv show that has real meaning to and reflects their lives. They blogged a glowing review about Katie Morag. Perched on the arm of the chair are two coffee buns for Kate’s after school snack. My husband wrote about the memories these biscuits bring back (and included the recipe) right here.  My favourite family photo of the year was actually taken by Penny – you can read a little about her visit to Skye below. Fair to say the launch of TMK has had a deep and positive impact on me, my family and my working world.




My picture of 2013 has to be this one of my two lovely dogs that I took on our holiday to Skye to stay with Rosie. Digby loved the beach and just for once I managed to capture them both in the same picture looking happy (as opposed to cross with me for making them pose/tying them together etc). It was a lovely holiday, my first in about five years, staying with friends in the far north. A special photograph from the best week of my year.



This is my favourite image from this year. Here are my two little chicklets back in June, posing with the buttercups, enjoying the sunshine and generally making the most of the great British summer. It also proved to me that I didn’t need to stress if I left my ‘proper’ camera at home as this was taken with my iPhone.2013-12-19_0001


The team will laugh when they read this as they are more than aware of the year I’ve had which has been life changing with a move to Singapore. However, the image of my year was not taken by me but by fellow TMK wonder Vix at my wedding. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for not posting a selfie for this occasion. It’s a photograph which brings out all the best emotions of a wonderful day and is a treasured photo which makes me smile whenever I look at it.


Image credits
Victoria Ward
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Penny Hardie Penny Hardie Photography