Rosie here and I’m delighted to bring you a  new TMK feature today. As you know the TMK team are mad about photography, the majority of us are professional photographers and it is our other passion aside from our families and TMK. Every Friday we’ll be sharing our favourite images from the past week and telling you a little bit about them. Please feel free to share your own images and to ask us questions about ours – you might want to know more about the people or places in the image or about the technical details of how we created the shot. Whatever it is fire away. We LOVE to chat all things photography.



And wrote “this is a little detail shot of a little girl from a client’s lifestyle shoot today. I love the carefree pose she’s adopted and the light coming through her sparkly skirt. I love finding these little moments during a shoot as they often speak volumes and I adore black and white for it’s sheer timelessness.” This shot was made at 1/60 f3.5 iso 800



Victoria chose this image from her friend Ben “The image isn’t mine. It is from my friend Bren, who is currently working in New Orleans. This Trumpet Chandelier is in the entrance to a bar on Bourbon Street. It just makes me a) want a trumpet chandelier and b) want a night out there.” I think those are very fine sentiments!


I have chosen this personal photograph as all the photographs I took at work this week are secret!


The reasons that I chose this image are twofold. The most important for me is that this image will hold a moment for me forever. A moment when my 7 year old boy and I went for a ramble in the woods one day after school and when I quietly called his name, he paused and looked right through the lens at me. When I look at the image it makes me want to reach out and touch the screen. In fact, I did exactly that last night when I found the image for this post. Secondly, I read a critique of the Taylor Wessing Prize ( a photographic competition) this week which mocked the selection of the winning portraits, noting that to win you had to submit an entry of a translucent skinned, freckled, red-head. Of course, this is not true but it is true that there is  a startling photographic beauty in this northern European colouring that appears fragile when photographed. This image was shot at F3.2, 1/100 , ISO 400.


Megan, the newest member of the TMK family (watch out for her introductory post next week) and our PR/marketing and social media star was on holiday with her family on the east coast of the States and shares this image of her children.


“This is my favourite photo of the week as it was the finale to our fabulous week in the States. I love this photo, as the kids are tiny in comparison to the fall trees and sky scrapers surrounding Central Park but they are definitely a part of it.” Image shot at F8, 1/160, ISO 100


Melissa Love_HOUNDS OF LOVE0011
” A rare occasion – I took some time out for myself to head down to the woods with my camera, a friend willing to model for me, some crazy props and a co-operative dog. It’s not the most spectacular image I took that day, but it feels like it could have been taken a long time ago.” Wise words for us all – taking some time out, re-connecting with what you love doing and making a stunning image.


And finally, Penny created this timeless piece
“I picked it because it reminds me of summer” Penny said ” and using flare from the sun to create softness and atmosphere.” Shooting contre jour or back lit is a favourite way that many of the team shoot. It takes some practice but the results are breathtaking. Winter can be a great time for contre jour and sun flare shots. The sun is lower and less harsh, creating beautiful light of the sort photographers like to chatter on about.  Image shot at F4, 1/500, ISO 100.
Rosie x
Image credits
Victoria Ward
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Megan Morgan