With another year behind us and filled with a sense of excitement as a new year presents itself the team share their first IOTW of 2014 with you here. As usual, we’ve been up mountain, down dale, caught in various weather related traumas which have gripped our fair isles of late and eaten far too many chocolates.

Enjoy! Nat x


In truth, I took this image on New Year’s Day, a year ago. Come rain, hail or snow, we go down to the beach and run around, splash and take in the view of our lovely Cornish harbour. We know we’re lucky to live by the sea and we never get bored. But this year, I needed a total tech detox – no camera, no phone, no Facebook, no email. I’m back with a vengeance now and I feel great, but last year’s image will have to do. Every time I look at it, it reminds me to take a break. If I have a New Year’s resolution, this is it. Less tech, more relaxing.

Melissa Love Photographer


I have loved having the children home over the holidays and catching little glimpses of them unawares caught up in their games and hobbies around the house. I am also enjoying the light that is flooding into the house suddenly after the dark days of December.





Between Christmas and New Year a family local to me took advantage of the whole family being home for a photoshoot. The weather was appalling so we opted for a classical studio session with a black background. I took a black backdrop, one light and a reflector to their home for these shots and we set up in the hall way. This lovely girl was very uncomfortable about having her picture taken, in fact I think she was going to cry when she first sat down in front of the camera. It took a while for her to relax but I am delighted with the results as I think she looks amazing. I did a mixture of flattering butterfly lighting and some more edgy and contrast Rembrandt lighting patterns. Studio lit ISO100, 1/100th sec at F9.



We chickened out when the grey skies arrived and dumped their contents onto the area, coats off, hot choc out, then the sunshine came out again! Coats back on and we drove 2 minutes to the beach, to be met with the remnants of a super high tide and a toe numbing winter wind. The occasions when Nat and I get together are, sadly, few and far between, so we embrace it and do the quickest shoots in history but there is always laughter involved. These images of Nat and her girls make me smile, muchly.



Probably the coldest January day in a long time and the highest tide on the Southport coast for over a decade. Perfect day to get the kids outdoors and run around the sand dunes together to blow away the cobwebs. This is my favourite shot as it captures their adventurous spirit, my favorite solar flare and is the start of a new year. F4.0, ISO 400, 1/3200.



My baby turned 6 on New Years’ Eve. I can hardly believe it. He has no front teeth and seems to be getting bigger by the second.

This shot was taken a couple of days before his birthday at a local farm, loving the swing which shows him at his playful best!

This was taken on my Canon 1100d, f/5.6, 50.0mm, ISO 200


Victoria Ward @vixward72
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Megan Morgan @megssw17