This week I was taking pictures for Newlyns Farm Shop who want pictures of all four generations of farmers involved in their farm on big boards behind the till area. I had the pleasure of taking the pictures of the last generation and we had great fun in the farmyard finding suitable locations for our pictures. It was a very grey afternoon so I used a little flash to highlight everyone and warm the images slightly.



We live less than a 40 minute train journey from Liverpool, it’s such a vibrant city and we love to visit every couple of weeks. Recently I managed to sneak a little shopping trip all on my own and I decided to take a walk near to the waterfront to see if there were any photo opportunities to be had. I used to carry my Canon MkII around with me everywhere but it’s really not handbag friendly and, let’s be honest, I looked like a bit of a nerd. The iPhone has saved my street cred somewhat and also enables me to get shots like this one. Big Wheel


After my words about strangers and the stories that go with images adding to them yesterday here is the simplest of all images. A grandmother and grandson enjoying a cuddle during a recent photo shoot. It moves me. Enough said.



Last weekend, we enjoyed as much sunshine as possible. Sitting in a friend’s garden, we spied this interesting arrangement of wood, sticks and hollows. We thought it was a sculpture, but it turned out to be a “Mini-beast Mansion”, a hiding place to encourage garden insects to flourish. What a great idea!

Mini Beast Mansion


Returning to some more macro photography has been a real journey for me. I love this black and white edit of a dandelion seed head. It is so simple but very effective. It also brings back wonderful memories of being a kid and blowing these all summer and watching them swirl around in the breeze.


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Megan Morgan @megssw17
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