It’s the beginning of Prom season. This photo has nothing to do with me (other than me taking the picture) but this is the end of this group of friends journey through high school together and in turn has made me pine for all my friends dotted around the globe. The three in this picture may drift apart after a while, all finding different paths in their lives or they may remain the bestest of friends and support each other through the ups and downs that life will throw at them. If this makes you think about someone on particular, call them, today. xxx

Friends Forever


I love this shot from a pre-wedding meet recently. Very often I only meet a bride and groom in person a few days before their wedding as people travel from all over the world to marry near the Isle of Skye and particularly to the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle and previous “meetings” are via email and skype. On a glorious spring day I met this lovely couple for coffee at their venue and suggested that we made the best of the day by taking some informal images. The bride then, slightly nervously, confessed that she doesn’t like having her photograph taken. All the more reason I said to practice and to illustrate that a great image need not mean “stand up straight and smile for the camera”. I asked the couple to simply join hands and walk away from me across the bridge to the castle. Within a few steps they had forgotten me and were chatting excitedly about their wedding.couple in sunshine Eilean Donan Castle Scotland


I’ve been out and about photographing local people at work for a series of images I’d like to put together for an exhibition to reflect the everyday moments we miss. This is a shot of a guy working for the past 40yrs at the same spot repairing shoes. We chatted for ages and he allowed me to photograph his work bench but wasn’t keen on being in front of the bench


I love Tooting Common. When the kids were little, every sunny afternoon, we played there. Now they are at school, I like going over there and taking the camera for a quick walkabout. I love the pond, and the daily comings and goings of the geese and ducks. The swans are very bullish – they definitely seem to rule the pond! Even though they bully, they are beautiful creatures.swan on tooting common, tooting common pond, tooting common, swan,


I am away this week but thought I would show you this picture from my first ever maternity shoot. Rosie helped me with this idea… in fact I just stole her concept but instead of being set in the beautiful Isle of Skye this is a lovely clematis bush in my customers back garden!


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