Welcome to the last day of January 2014! Yay! Sometimes, in the world of us creative types, it’s either famine or feast, some weeks it’s a slow photo week and others we have so very many to choose from and for me it was the latter. For me though, Chocolate ALWAYS wins ūüėČ ¬†Vix x


We have two gorgeous foreign exchange students staying with us and whilst they are here they both turn 18. It was Malin’s turn first and I wonder how her parents are feeling today, many miles away. I know I can never replace her parents but I hope we made her happy on her coming of age day. There was cake!



Gong Xi Fa Cia! Happy Chinese New Year. It’s our first one in Asia and we embraced the celebrations with a trip into the very heart of downtown Chinatown in the crazy throngs of people, lanterns, firecrackers, singing, market stall traders selling the last of their precious mandarins and speciality biscuits and treats. The atmosphere was brilliant. Lots of people all together with their families and friends milling and weaving through the busy streets. Some stopping to grab a squid on a stick or a fresh coconut juice, others sat around huge vats of bubbling liquids cooking their vegetables, fish, meat at the table and smiling and laughing together. It’s the Year of The Horse and so the decorations across the city where all featuring horses. Whilst attempting to cross one of the major roads we stopped and I caught a glimpse of the reflections from them. This is that photograph – a quiet still moment amidst the celebrations.

Chinese New Year - Singapore


In the far north we are emerging from a month of dark mornings and afternoons..day light arriving only around 8 45 and darkness returning by around 4 pm – so we have greeted the lengthening of the days with huge joy. What a pleasure it was to head out for a walk after school in daylight this week. Kate decided to take a selection of toys with her in a basket crafted by my mother over 60 years ago. I love this image for the light, for the cheerful wave and for the link with a grandmother who no longer walks with us.

Family photography enjoying a walk in the longer hours of January


It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that I have a new kitten, Sid. Here is the little terrorist hiding behind a chair and waiting for an unsuspecting Digby to walk past… This one is going on my wall I think as it captures everything about him, even though most of him is missing!

cat, kitten


It’s been a long cold wet January in Cornwall. Did I mention that it’s rained a lot? I am fed up with taking moody rain pictures, so I decided to get creative this week. A simple bunch of winter tulips really helped lift my mood. Flower therapy is good!

Melissa Love_0014


As a Londoner, I cannot avoid the tube. Now I don’t do the rush hour too often, when I travel on the tube I do see the beauty in it. On Monday, I went to Bubble in Islington – and here is a snap of the tube at Angel – look at the steepness of those escalators!

Angel, Angel Islington, Tube, London Underground, Tube black and white, black and white underground, london, escalator, escalator london underground


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