Everybody knows what this is right? Newton’s Cradle, which my husband brought home, kindly given to him by someone who wanted the 70’s out of their house. Thing is though, our kids LOVE it. Totally mesmerised by it, so it’s staying on the basis that retro is cool right now and I’m one of the cool kids ūüôā

Newton's Cradle, retro, truly madly kids

The 70’s called, they want their object d’art back.


To some it’s just a plain doorway, to me it’s the most wonderful grungy distressed backdrop and I just had to stop and photograph it. Funny how we all look at things differently. I’ve been doing a lot more editorial and commercial work recently and am always on the look out for cool and interesting locations and backgrounds. I can’t wait to get to use this for something. I keep a little notebook of my favourite places and then when the opportunity presents itself I know exactly where to take a client.



It’s really hasn’t been the weather for outdoor shoots recently so I have been practising my ‘classic portraiture’ in the studio. This one is of two great friends, Lydia and Charlotte. I have deliberately kept it back and white so that it stays as timeless as possible in fashion terms and the pose is one that can be used for friends or sisters, but very simple.

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*Stop the press* THE SUN SHONE! The family and I made a break for the great outdoors of Wimbledon Common last weekend when the rain decided to actually stop for longer than 5 minutes. The common was like I’d never seen it before – huge puddles (new activity: Extreme puddle jumping) and very muddy. Nonetheless, it still looked stunning, and the skies were nothing short of amazing.

wimbledon common, wilmbledon common windmill, sun flare, london with kids


Sometimes it’s a real struggle to decide upon which of the hundreds of images I make every week will be my image of the week. This week it was no contest! Little teeny tiny 14 day old baby toes. And in between photos – baby snuggles. Best job in the world. Ever.

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the weather has been apocalyptic. Well, feels like it down here in Cornwall, which has probably become an island by the time you read this. I’m afraid I haven’t been game to take my camera out in the storms, but in a rare moment of calm, I braved the elements to snap a few puddles. If you’d like to see some truly amazing images of the floods through our little town, check out this gallery, from local photographer, Susanna Stables.


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