Kids back to school and a new academic year starts. We thought we would share our everyday normalness with you, is that a word? Anyway, it’s often the everyday daily stuff we do that doesn’t get photographed yet it’s the most special and meaningful things we cherish. The favourite chair, the cat sat on the keyboard and getting in the way whilst we edit, the row of shoes in the hall as the kids grow. Photographing the everyday not only provides a wonderful insight of capturing that moment it grows with importance as the years pass. Nothing gives me greater joy then looking through an old photo album and recounting the stories of those everyday moments. We’d love you to get involved, so please share your everyday stories with us here.


Each morning I take a different route on my VERY early morning run, just so I don’t get bored but, with the whole town to myself, how can I get bored of views like this? Yes, this image was taken with my iPhone so not as clear and crisp as my Canon but this IS my EVERYDAY. #Southport #marinelake



This is one of those everyday captures. The sun was streaming in through the windows and casting shadows in that soft early morning light. My bed happens to be my favourite place in the house. It’s the one space which is a sanctuary from everything and where I often sit to read.

home bedframe


This is my everyday and how I love it and them. A golden summer evening running around in the fields behind our house, looking over the sea is the memory I want to give my children of long summer holidays.




Every day, without fail, Digby shouts at the cows that are in HIS field. I took a picture this morning using a fairly shallow depth of field (F4) to keep Digby crisp and clear in the foreground and therefore the main subject, but not so shallow that you can’t make out the object of his bossiness. The morning light was gorgeous with an orange glow that brings out the lovely colours of the cattle.




We walk everyday to school, it’s about a kilometre so takes us 10/15 minutes. This could be a bind, but it is a great way to catch up the children, talk about school and what’s happening that day. I took this on their first day back this year. I love the walk to school, the kids seem to be at their best first thing.

back to school photo

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