So the team have decided to offer you a rainbow of colour this week 🙂 nothing like it to lift the spirits. We had to fight a little for our favourite hues but below is our selection. We’d love you to get involved and create an even bigger rainbow of colour on our lovely blog.


Orange is the colour of Autumn… I do hope I don’t offend anyone with this picture of beautiful ginger hair back lit with an orange gel to bring out the colour more…



Come on, you didn’t really think I was going to skip this opportunity to post a picture of my Violet did you? AND a stunning shot of Scarlett! I’m glad i went with the colour theme for the girl’s names but equally glad that I didn’t try for the whole rainbow!Violet


I chose Indigo. Truth be told I have been itching to photograph these beautiful flowers that have sprung up in the verges of my daily walks and runs in our village for a couple of weeks. I loved going out at golden hour yesterday evening and spending an hour admiring their fragile structures and graceful form.

Rainbow flowers-4


I picked blue. And what better than the blue skies and seas of Herm Island. I turned up the colour a little and the shadows on this photo so it was really blue.
blue, image of the week, guernsey, herm island, the sea of guernsey,


I’m not quite ready to let go of summer yet, so I picked yellow. I bought a load of Sicilian lemons at a farm shop recently (though I’m pretty sure they weren’t local)! I’d had this shot in mind for ages but it meant buying a truckload of lemons. Believe me, we ate a lot of lemons for at least two weeks, but it was worth it!



One of my favourite colours is purple but I could not fight with the ladies when they have such beautiful images. So I have chosen green. I love greens in nature and also in cities. This shot was taken on a trip to Hong Kong whilst wandering through one of the many street markets. The seller had taken a break and left this set of scales on the table to one side of the stall. The battered green shutters and hint of the red plastic bags hanging up waiting to be filled with those scales just jumped out at me as I walked by.

Hong Kong street market

Here are our rainbow collages – go on, give it go!

colour photography, rainbow photography

rainbow of images, roygbiv


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