This week we are giving over our Image of the Week to pumpkin carving – which is becoming quite the art form now and so much easier than the turnip lanterns that we used to make when I was wee. We are also supporting the #Carveaheart campaign by World Vision –  and I’ll be texting  HEART to 70060  to give £5 and try a create a safer world for some of the most vulnerable children. You can read about my personal involvement with World Vision and child sponsorship 


Earlier this week I received the loveliest little package from World Vision containing quite the cutest pumpkin I’ve ever seen! Here’s the story from excited packet opening (oh the joy of unexpected chocolate!) to carved heart x

pumpkin, carve a heart

pumpkin, carve a heart,


We spent all day Sunday looking for the perfect pumpkins and then scooping out the mushy innards to prepare for carving. So the first image is the results, pretty great I think, and the second image is the way I prefer to do them ….. no pumpkin smell!!!

Pumpkin carving

pumpkin carving, mess free pumpkin carving


Sadly due to the horrible haze we’ve had in Singapore I’ve not been able to spend time searching for the perfect pumpkin to carve this year so I’m opted to share a rather traditional one that I found whilst out and about instead.



We love a bit of Halloween here, the kids dress up, and we go off trick or treating in the local neighbourhood. There is a party-feel to the night, and everyone seems to have so much fun. This picture, although not perfect technically, just sums up how much fun the kids have.

halloween costumes. halloween, pumpkins

If you’d like to #carveaheart please share your pumpkin with us! We’d love to see all your family’s pumpkin carving too:)

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