We’re always told it’s the most important meal of the day but we often throw a cup of tea whilst munching on a piece of toast and attempting to get dressed into the 5 mins we have to get out of the house. So the team thought we’d share our different breakfasts. As we are professional photographers we get the opportunity to photograph a lot of subjects and we all have a perchant for food. I’m sure you’ll get inspired with the images below as we whisk (excuse the pun) you off on a culinary tour with our varients on the morning’s ritual.

Go get the kettle on and enjoy. We’d love to see what your breakfasts consist of so get sharing and submit your favourite shots – remember you have all week to link up, so plenty of time to get breakfast shot. However, we are also happy for you to link up any photography post: It doesn’t need to be themed to breakfast!


This is my every day breakfast. I went on a photographer’s escape to the beautiful island of Tiree last year and one of the girls introduced me to the delights of porridge. Now I eat this superfood with a handful of blueberries most mornings. I love a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lime juice on the side. This slow burn of the oats sets me up for the day and fuels my dog walk around the village. I have two impatient dogs at my feet waiting for their walk as I type!

porridge, breakfast, food photography SKye


During the week it’s the standard toast or cereal in a busy household getting ready for school/college/work. Today, however, my eldest is off on a PGL weekend with the school, we’ll miss our Saturday morning bacon butty fest and are having it this morning instead.

For me it has to be fresh Warbutons bread, Lurpack Butter & HP Brown Sauce. How do you like yours?

Bacon Butty


I am into making yoghurt which I like with my granola… however I melted my yoghurt maker this week when I turned on the wrong ring on the hob, so I have drawn inspiration from my other favourite kitchen gadget, my juicer!



We are massive egg fans in our house. My other half cooks an egg for the girls every morning before school and at the weekend, we REALLY push the boat out!

Toasted WEB-3


Breakfast means one thing to me: MARMITE! I went for a regal, mono shot of the jar. I took this looking up at the jar to make it seem even more dominant! I could eat it marmite and toast all day long …

marmite jar, marmite


So many choices of what to put in here. So I opted to share this shot of breakfast pancakes which is most definitely a weekend only treat. Our mornings start at 5:45am to wake up and get to the swimming pool for training so the Nutribullet smoothies are the only way to go at that time in the morning but funnily enough never made me feel like stopping to take a photograph. NOT a morning person!

breakfast pancakes

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