Thank goodness it’s Friday…. On social media I have become known for announcing a very cheerful “wine o’clock” at 5 pm most Friday evenings. I always try to find a pretty image to go with the announcement. Today I am delighted to extend wine o’clock to TMK:) Although I will admit that it is a *little * early in the day. Perhaps you could hold this image, taken at a beautiful new holiday cottage on the Isle of Skye, of blue skies, relaxing outside in the garden by the beach and holidays to carry you through Friday and into the weekend? I wanted to keep the bottle and glasses sharp throughout this image while strongly suggesting the background scenery without allowing it to dominate the frame. On such a bright day it was best to keep the main subject in shade, shoot with a moderate depth of field (f5.6) and a fast shutter speed. I love the suggestion of long summer lunches and the skies reflected in the glasses.

white wine, reflected skies. Isle of Skye, holliday cottage


It’s been a crazily busy week full of work, meetings, painting & designing but Mothers Day was a quiet one. The children had made me beautiful cards, brought me strawberries and freshly squeezed orange in bed, let me lie in till 12.15 pm and bought me these flowers. I don’t need expensive gifts, just ones that make me smile each time I look at them. Canon 5d, MkII, 50mm lens, f2.0, 1/50th sec.

Flower for Mother's Day


It’s been a strange old week in London Town. The Saharan sand swept in, bringing a huge cloud of pollution. Our eyes itch, our chests hurt and it makes for miserable conditions. When do we learn to look after this planet a bit more? Just when? I cycled over to Battersea from Tooting on Wednesday to do some work, and on the way home I stopped at the pond on Wandsworth Common to have a little look. I was pleased to see this yogic swan, and also a robin!

swan, wandsworth common, london, pond on wandsworth common


The sun is shining in Cornwall, and our poor storm-battered little hearts are filled with joy at the prospect of a couple of months of hopefully delightful weather and very few tourists. We love the pre and post holiday season months here in Cornwall, where we pretty much have this wonderful place to ourselves. I took this shot of my daughter, late on Saturday afternoon, cruising home along the deserted streets on Fowey.

Truly Madly Kids Cornwall


Here is a picture of Sid, taken this week. It’s really tempting to take pictures at F2.8 for lovely blurred backgrounds but you have to be careful not to lose the eyes or nose if you shoot close up so here I used F4 to make sure I had the whole of his expression as he stalked me along the back of the garden chair. When taking animals it pays to take time to get to know what their habits are, that way you can be as prepared as possible to capture the right moment.

cat, kitten, stalking, pets


I’ve been doing some experimenting with a new macro lens for fun. I’m amazed at the whole new world it’s opened up, especially as I love flowers. This is a little arty shot which I did the effects on in camera by adjusting using manual focus till I got it “right” to my tastes. I adore these gorgeous blossoms which are all bursting into bloom and caught a lucky break with the gentle soft afternoon light coming through the petals to give it an ethereal feel.

macro blossom

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