How many more sleeps? That’s all most of us want to know this week really but, as usual, we’ve had the cameras out and this is what we saw…


I live in the gorgeous village of Birkdale. We’ve just had a wonderful Victorian shopping night – supporting the right and the need to shop local and experiencing good old community spirit and values. I took some images for the Facebook page but this was, by far, my favourite. Maybe it’s got something to do with the Champagne.


In the crazy busy time of the year that is the holiday season my image is from a recent trip to Thailand. I have never witnessed a sunset like this one and it will stay with me for a very long time.




Occasionally I am called to the big smoke from Cornwall. This week, I popped up and back in a day. Well, I say popped, but it’s actually 4 hours each way on the train. And I don’t mind a bit. Eight hours of uninterrupted lounging, reading and snacking on the sushi I always buy for the journey back. Can’t get that in Cornwall, you know. This is my absolutely favourite London bridge. What’s yours?

Soven Amatya Album 3_0041


I’ve resisted the lure of a Christmas themed shot this week (and my colleague Penny beat me to it with the Nativity play shot!) and instead I’ve chosen one of my favourite wedding photographs of the past year. Shot on the island of Raasay, which is off the Isle of Skye (now that’s remote) this immensely poised couple, once both outdoor instructors and now dancers, and their wedding day seem to have captured peoples hearts and imaginations this week. This image has appeared in blogs and articles several times in the past few days. I love it because they were bold enough to climb barefoot aboard a yacht in their wedding garb, I love it because it showcases the stunning scenery where they chose to marry and I love it because they were so in love and I can see that in their faces whenever I look at this photograph.



This week saw the village nativity play. A half hour of the most gorgeous fun where the main characters were fantastic and the small kids kind of did their own thing on the stage. I photographed the dress rehearsal and was very amused to hear that the Roman soldiers had their swords confiscated for the main performance for fighting with them back stage!





This week saw my son perform in his Christmas play. The story took us around the world to see how different countries portrayed Father Christmas, and who the real St Nick was. Of course, we also were reminded that Christmas wasn’t about the big FC but Jesus and the nativity. Well done Year One – fabulous play! Here is my son in his role as Aussie Santa!




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