Seriously, 3rd week of January? Anyone else considering alien abduction theories could actually be real? Almost through the first month of the new year and here is our weekly round up of what’s happened in our worlds. Enjoy! Nat x


I love this time of year on Skye – the colours are bleached and stormy, the light is low and gentle, the skies are bruised and everything flies by sideways. On our morning dog walk around the village I noticed these grasses caught up in some fencing and I loved the subtle colours and motion.



No matter how big or small your family is, sometimes I think it’s just nice to get images of Mum & daughter or Father & Son etc. I love this image just for it’s simplicity but the bond of love can clearly be seen.



I have been creating some ideas for Valentine cards (must be because I have a boyfriend that I am embracing this tradition this year, rather than getting cross and grumpy about it all). I took a big red metal heart and some fridge magnets to a local farm yard to see what I could make.



My image of the week is of Putney Bridge bathed in the most beautifulĀ sunset. We had the most fabulous afternoon in Wandsworth Park playing Pitch and Putt, and we were then treated to this magnificent sunset.

putney, sunset, putney bridge, london


As per my post earlier this week, this year is all about fitness. After a crazy busy Christmas, I’m unashamedly enjoying dropping the kids off at school and heading straight for the pool to swim in peace.

Melissa Love_0013


I’ve been doing lots more commercial work of late and wanted a break from that to something more nature based. This is a flower called Bird of Paradise and it’s mine and my mum’s favourite. I took these in a break between shots and just adore the shape, colour and foliage.


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Victoria Ward
Megan Morgan
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Penny Hardie Penny Hardie Photography
Natasha Shuttleworth Natasha Shuttleworth Photography