We woke today to the sad news about the passing of Nelson Mandela, whose life bought peace, joy and hope to generations.



In our Cornish village, it was the grand switching on of the Christmas lights, complete with a visit from Santa. And in Cornwall, Christmas means…errr….pirates. Seriously, they come along to most major events. My next door neighbour even has his own canon. It’s that kind of place.

Melissa Love Photography_0002


So this week I had the pleasure of doing some not so corporate head shots for a wonderful client who is in corporate training. This is my favourite shot and was one of the last frames of the shoot. It was pouring down with rain and we’d almost wrapped up when I asked her to step outside for a few last photo’s. She was relaxed and we were chatting whilst shooting and giggling and this image just let’s her personality shine through.



I have finished the last wedding of the year for me, which was held in a local pub. I was a surprise present for the bride and groom who had decided against a photographer, but having seen their pictures are now thrilled that they have a record of their special day. Their friends clubbed together to have a photographer there as a wedding present.

This image was taken just before they sat down to eat. The pub is tiny, very low ceilinged and dark so I had my trusty flash gun on all afternoon. As they both hate having their photos taken we went with an entirely reportage approach.

Paul and Zoe



I had the task of matching up an image taken of an older brother 9 years ago and recreating it with the new addition to the family. The problem was that this little guy was too smiley! We had fun though and I just kept clicking until I got the desired shot. I just may be slightly broody now too :/2013-12-05_0001



In between taxiing my children to their extra curricular activities, I managed to get a rare 5 minutes to myself on Wandsworth Common and caught the sky on fire.

Melissa Love Photography_0003


Christmassy you say? Well, perhaps just a touch. This is my 5 year old daughter submitting to my unleashed photographer’s desire for bokeh (those oh so pretty blurry lights). It’s an itch that photographers just have to scratch at this time of year. But what I really like about this image is that one catches a glimpse of the future. My daughter looks older than her years and one starts to imagine a little of the girl she may be.

Kate lights

Have a great week everyone.

The TMK gang xx

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