I knew the second I took this photograph yesterday evening that it would be my choice for image of the week. This gorgeous wee girl was the flowergirl/princess at her parent’s wedding on the Isle of Skye. They eloped from Switzerland and while their flower girl was a little overwhelmed during the ceremony (which was held beside a loch hidden amidst the mountains in the background of this shot), a hot chocolate and taking a turn at driving the boat on the return journey made a world of difference. The Skye sunshine burst through and we spent a happy evening paddling, making photographs and playing on the sands.



Melissa has the cutest kitten but I have the daftest cat! Here is Sid drinking from his favourite place… the bird bath! The aperture is wide open so I have a nice blurry background that has no distractions, other than that it is straight from the camera.



I won’t bore you with another Ted the kitten picture this week, but I have had some fun photographing some other tiny things. Are part of an upcoming festival in Fowey, we’ve been arranging miniature scenes in shop windows for children to spot as part of a competition. This poor little man, sitting in a hotel window, is my favourite.

Ali + Laura Engagements_0033


Living in Singapore you lose all sense of time as the seasons just aren’t well seasons. What you do experience is an ambundance of greenery everywhere, so walking home tonight I was thrilled to notice that the frangipani trees are all out in full bloom and vibrant. They have this beautiful scent which is gentle and wafts through the breeze kissing your nose as you pass. I took this on my iphone as it had just stopped raining and I wanted to try to catch the droplets on the petals.

frangipani flower


As you may know, I live in the city, however I feel it incredibly important for my children to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible (you may remember my post a few weeks ago on climbing trees). Last weekend, we took the kids to Wimbledon Common where the kids climbed trees and built dens. Both went barefoot for a while too! They loved and came home filthy! Here they are contemplating their next game …

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Our year with our international students is nearly over and, of course, we are very sad about that but last weekend we met the parents of Malin. They were so nice, with perfect English, a great sense of humour and they brought our girls one of these trolls each. I cannot tell you how much hilarity these creatures have brought into the house all week, there may be more adventures from naughty trolls coming soon.Erik The Troll