Thank you to all who linked up to Image of the Week – it was wonderful to see you all hopping over to each others images and being so sociable and supportive!

The two I have picked this week (it was hard this week!) are Sara at Mum turned Mom, I know Winter is difficult where you are, but when you produce such wonderful portraits it *might* be worth it! I loved the icy eyelashes! See the image here:

In addition, I loved Me You and Magoo and their egg shot from an allotment visit. So many lovely adjectives to use about this image, but I will settle for adorable! I loved the perspective it was taken from. For this image please see here: Allotment picture

Today, we have photography tips from Nat, who has tips to photography food in all its glory. At the bottom of the post you will find the linky – please feel free to link any image you like – there isn’t a theme, so just link away!

As you know the TMK team like their food also and you can read lots of our posts here from Rosie’s wonderful recipe’s for her mother in laws coffee buns to Melissa’s sharing of her foraging in the woods for mushrooms. We also love drinks (ahem) and for the younger ones you must check out Vix’s post on cocktails and mocktails for some summer sunshine in a glass. And last but certainly not least the amazing juicing diaries which Penny shared with us and got me interested in being a lot more healthy, which is only a good thing!






A few tips from me if you are trying to take good photo’s at home which won’t break the bank. Always try to photograph in morning light whenever possible and take your food to the light – this could be the kitchen window, the dining room table or anywhere, even outside! If you are shooting indoors, try not to use your flash as it can be too harsh and kill the colours and tones of your food. I have a few large white foam boards in my kit which I take everywhere with me to help bounce the light when I take a shot. You can do this without a helper by propping each piece of card with something behind it – I often use my salt and pepper mills when shooting at home. This will give an even light to your subject and make the colours more vibrant. Have a go, you’ll see what a difference it can make.

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