It’s been half term week. Share your pictures with us below and show us what you have been up to!


We went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Watford. As a family we love movies and to find out how some of the magic is created was an absolutely fabulous day out. This is the entrance to Dumbledore’s staircase. Do you remember the password?Sherbet Lemons


And now for something completely different. This morning I waved my son and husband off on a boys own adventure. They left Kyle of Lochalsh aboard the PS Waverley, which is the last ocean going paddle steamer in the world and set sail for Portree and Gairloch. After steaming north for four hours (while enjoying fish and chips aboard and watching pods of dolpins playing round the ship) they donned their rucksacks and walked 5 miles to the stunning campsite at Sands in Gairloch. Two days of rare boy time before we join them early on Saturday morning. I think we’ll be hearing about this trip for years to come. I took this image leaning (very safely) from the apex of the Skye bridge. The Waverley steamed under the bridge at tremendous speed and soon she was heading north west for Portree, suddenly seeming quite small in that vast seascape.

The Waverley, paddle steamer


There was really only ever one thing I was going to post about this week, and that’s Ted. Ted joined our family exactly a week ago and he’s settled in beautifully. He is adored by two little girls and tolerated by our older cat. I can confirm that stroking a warm fluffy kitten is very therapeutic. It turns out Mariah Carey was right.

Ali + Laura Engagements_0030


There is no way that Sid can compete with Ted on the cute front so I have chosen something completely different. This is a photograph I took on a course using natural light to get a fashion/sixties feel. The model is called Ruby and this was our last evening of working together after an intensive week covering everything from weddings to art nude, and all things in between.



Half term was spent in North Norfolk. One of my favourite places. The only saddening bit was seeing the damage the winter storm inflicted on Brancaster Beach – the dunes are gone. My memories of my kids running up and down them still remain, but so sad. Climate change is here and it’s getting personal.

My image is of Wells-next-the-Sea – another beautiful beach in Norfolk.

Wells-next-the-sea, north norfolk, beach, norfolk coast,


I’ve been photographing mini documentary style shoots since arriving in Singapore, partly as a way to get under the surface of the city and learn how the real Singapore people are. This is a guy I met on a tour around Joo Chait area. He was sat casually on a small brick, busily welding away and stopped to say hello to me as I watched him work. I asked if I could take a photograph of him whilst he worked, a gentle smile and warm twinkle came to his eyes and he just said “can” and continued. I spent only a few minutes in his company but hoped to capture a little essence of his daily life. I find converting images into black and white works best for this style of work and eventually it will form the basis of a mini exhibition.