For our second week of the new year we have all got back into our work mode. What we love about sharing our images is just how varied they are week on week, which truly reflects what our photography lives are like. Hope you enjoy and do share any of your favourite images over on our Facebook page. Nat x


As a family portrait photographer, one of the loveliest experiences is to record a family from their first baby to their second, third and sometimes forth. These two brothers are Dylan and Harry. I started photographing Dylan when he was just a few months old and it’s so nice to now be photographing his little brother. This was my favourite shot from our shoot whilst I was back in the UK.



This week I have been asked to be the Basingstoke Bison Juniors Photographer which is a job I know I am going to love. I really enjoy ice hockey and the kids are fun to watch. I can’t help shouting for them when I should be taking photographs! The lighting at the rink is appalling. One end is in virtual darkness and all around the rink are perspex screens that are covered in smears and steam up so the job is certainly a bit of a challenge.



A slight Scottish cliche this week! A favourite shot from one of the many ceilidhs (house parties) with which we welcome in the New Year. I love the warm tones of the whisky, the reflected firelight and the gentle bokeh on the glasses. Cheers or as we say here Slainte!



This week I had the first of a series of shoots for a children’s cookery book. I shot a huge spread of tasty treats, but didn’t eat a morsel, because I am following the juice plan Megan wrote about earlier this week. I ate with my eyes though!

IOTW - Truly Madly Kids


This week, I had a studio shoot for a cute little family and Violet helped me set the lighting up. Whilst doing so, she got her inner vogue on (too many Katy Perry videos) and this is the result. Love her to bits.



This week,  my favourite picture is one of my daughter. She is wearing her new party dress (bought in the sales) and she is dancing like no one is watching her. I love the fact kids have no inhibitions and she is just doing what she loves.


Image credits
Victoria Ward
Megan Morgan
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Penny Hardie Penny Hardie Photography