This Friday we’re looking back at the favourite image we made this week and telling you a little about how and why we made the image the way we did. Feel free to shoot us a photography question and we’ll do our best to help out.


Spring arrives late here in the far north reaches of TMK. I have been rather jealously watching my colleagues sharing photographs of gorgeous blossom and waiting my turn. And this weekend it arrived. It is so beautiful to see the lush growth and delicate flowers bursting into the warming spring air.

Shot at a very shallow depth of field f1.8 to retain a crisp focus on the subject and to throw the background into soft relief, shutter speed at 1/2500th sec and iso 200.




Sometimes, in fact most of the time, I go out to shoot one thing and end up seeing something out of the corner of my eye which turns out to be the best photo of the day. So, on a quest to capture the sunset this man and his dog came into view. I’ve no idea who he is but I hope he gets to see it. Man & Dog


I was taking some pictures of the birds in my garden for a post for TMK and I was struck by the strong colours of this one and the contrast between the yellow and black of this male blackbird and the very blue sky.  Taken with my 100-400mm lens with an aperture of F4 and an ISO of 200 I let the camera sort out the shutter speed (don’t tell Rosie!).



Thinking about home a lot lately, this is one of my favourite places in the Lake District. As we turned the last corner from a good 5 mile walk we just stumbled across these boats moored by the shore and luckily I have my camera with me to capture the moment.



After the crazy Easter crowds leave Cornwall, we settle down to the serious business of enjoying living here before the holidaymakers (much as we love them), return. And that means getting our little boats out onto their moorings. Ours is having a lick of paint before her maiden voyage. Will report back next week!



Well, the only news from me is that we got a puppy this week! We adopted a cavalier cross from Battersea Dogs. Sadly, we don’t know much about him, other than he’s slightly cavalier and approximately 4 months old! I think though, the one thing we all know, is that he is ridiculously cute …

cavalier cross puupy, battersea dogs home,

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