I’m involved with a group of mums and kids who, every so often, get called upon to film a commercial or model for a catalogue. This means that every 6 months I have to get the up to date shots as these kids change so quickly. This image is of Dylan, a most amazing dancer who is always goofing around. Although this is an outtake it was still my very favourite one of him.Dylan


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This week social media has had a selfie frenzy, in all in the aid of cancer research. There has been some criticism, but I don’t think anyone could argue with the outcomes of this awareness drive. Very sadly, this awareness campaign also ties in with the first anniversary death of my father, who died of oesophegal cancer. Unfortunately, the research and awareness on this cancer is still lacking behind some of the others even though 4000 people a year die from the disease. May I draw your attention to this website for more information.

Rest in Peace Daddy, I miss you every day.


Last week the table were utterly turned on me and I spent two days in front of the camera as I featured in the new Visit Scotland commercial. The campaign is about the brilliantmoments experienced holidaying on Scotland’s beautiful islands and is part of the Homecoming 2014 calendar. A whirlwind couple of days saw us running all over the island and, of course, from time to time I had to turn my camera on the film crew. Here we were filming in a beautiful old tweed mill. Normally this would be a bit of a challenge even for a professional camera like mine – but with a little bit of lighting magic we could carry on shooting. The full story of my Islay experience will be on Truly Madly Kids very soon. If you would like to see the film we made you can watch it here

Filming on Islay, Visit Scotland


This is my gorgeous and newest little nephew, Ethan. I’ve been lucky enough to get plenty of cuddles in recently. I love photographing new babies, particularly when they are as relaxed as this one.

Jon Mullins Photography Home_0021


This week I have been getting animal images for Newlyns Farm Shop together. These ewes are all expecting triplets and, as they only have two teats each, this can cause problems. They are scanned and then kept together so they can have special attention. I deliberately photographed them with the sun behind them so there were no ugly shadows across them and the feel is soft and a little blown out due to the camera flare (also deliberate). I was at a distance so set the aperture to F3.5 with an ISO of 200. I used the camera in aperture priority as the sheep can move quite quickly and move in and out of the shade. Not having to worry about the shutter speed ensured I could concentrate on getting the shot and I use this approach  lot when shooting animals.The hardest bit was to catch them looking at me!



I’ve had a little adventure back into commercial photography with a fashion/editorial angle and have been lucky enough to work with some very talented designers here in Singapore. This is a concept lifestyle shot taken on the streets in Tiong Bahru a trendy and hip little hang out stuffed with little boutiques, cafe bars and great book stores. I love bicycles with baskets – always wanted one and the colours just work for me, hope you like.

Bicycles and bags


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