We photographers at TMK often shoot commercial photography. That is, we photograph things that others want to sell be it an actual thing or a concept. The key to this kind of work is understanding the client’s brief, the product or concept that they want to sell and the way they communicate this to their customers. As ever, photography skills are only part of the story and the relationship with the client and understanding their brief is equally important. People and photographic skills go hand and hand in our business.

We are bombarded with on line images all day, be it browsing the news or buying a new dress for the weekend from Joules. Imagery is everything and with only 3 seconds or less for each news story or new shopping must have to catch our eye arresting imagery is crucial to any business’ on line presence.

Not only do we photograph your product, project or idea we create a story with our images that instantly engages  your customers.

If you are interested in commercial photography from one of please drop us a line. I won’t apologise for the plug there since this post is all about making money!


I have been naughty and included two sets of images… one is for a local dentist are keen to show prospective patients that they are friendly with a cosy and homely practice that also offers cutting edge technology…


The other is for a high class personalised stationery company… making flat pieces of card come to life is a challenge! To find out more about who I have worked with and what I can do visit me at www.pennyhardie.com. Clients I have worked with include Honeywell, The Logic Group, Heritage Personalised Stationery and Newlyns Farm Shop.



Did you know that all of the women on the Truly Madly Kids team are all photographers, designers or creatives? Every blogpost we do features our own photography and all of the images are intentionally taken to grab your attention. It might be an ‘ahh, how cute’ or an ‘ooohh, that looks tasty’ it might make you click a link or share a post. Never underestimate the power of an image. We’ve even started selling our own stock photography. This is how I make my money and Product Photography  makes up a whopping 70% of my business.

No job is ever the same and I’ve been asked to photograph buildings, food, offices, flowers, socks, designer shoes, designer bags, wedding venues, jewellery, handmade kitchens, sweetie tables and so the list goes on. Visual imagery is so important nowadays with practically everyone having a website regardless of what kind of business they have. They all want their products to look good and not everyone knows how to get that perfect shot. Sometimes the client knows exactly what they want to achieve and other times it’s up to me to look at their business and advise them on how I think their particular product might be shot. The overall idea is that the client gets fabulous images that helps to increase their sales or visitors. Does it work? Yes it does!

Below are examples of my work featured at www.jadesignershoes.co.uk, www.sweetiefactory.co.uk and the Blueberry Muffin recipe I did a while back.

http://www.jadesignershoes.com/http://www.sweetiefactory.co.uk/Product shots


Unlike the other girls, I am not a professional photographer. So receiving any compliments on my photography is a huge boost! The shot I am sharing is from a review I did of the Science Museum Gift Shop (see Here for the review), and a photo of their best selling item, science putty – the kids loved it. My tip for product photography is USE it, it doesn’t have to be stationery: Twist it, bend, shape it, move it! The PR I wrote this for complimented me on this photo, and although it’s not an obvious product image, it works perfectly.
science musuem putty

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