I am loving my garden at the moment, and just for once it’s not out of control yet! here is a simple shot using a shallow depth of field to show you one of pots.



I met a lovely couple this week who are marrying tomorrow. We were getting together for their pre wedding photo shoot. “Let’s climb the hill behind the house” we said. “The views will be spectacular. Let’s take the dogs”. Off we set. Approximately 30 seconds after we arrived on the summit the sea mist rolled in and we were stuck there for two hours. Chatting and waiting for the views. This poor wee soul (size shown by the daisies in shot!) got a little soggy but waited patiently with us.

dog photography, mountain, Isle of Skye


This week I’m mostly being obsessed with bicycles. I thought I might miss driving a lot more than I do now we are without a car but infact I just miss the feeling of being able to whizz around. So whilst out and about I’m on the lookout for the right type of bike for me. Something practical with a shopping basket and also easy to cycle and looks nice. I think this combo is just the ticket 🙂


I got given a new lens for my birthday, and I got to put it in good use at the common the other day, when I managed to capture this swan mid-wash! This also got me 30*s on blipfoto!

swan on tooting common, swan washing, swan, tooting common pond, tooting common