Nat here, and bringing you lovely people another peek behind the scenes with our weekly new feature. We are a lucky lot. Yes we sometimes suffer for our art, I distinctly remember freezing in dark corners of churches as a wedding shooter and have frequently been covered in small mucky and sticky hand prints on family shoots and there was that time the family I was shooting needed me to help get their car out of a ditch but joking aside, we have the best job in the world. So without further ado, let’s dive in and see what we’ve been shooting. We’d love to hear what you think and ask any questions you might have. Please share here and over on our Facebook page.



I was asked by two models to do some TFP (Time for Pictures) shots and they both have incredible physiques. Darren, here, is a body builder and fitness instructor and does art nude modelling too. I made them suffer for their art as it was freezing when I took these yesterday! I used off camera flash to overpower the natural light and bring drama to the sky. The flash is set to full power, the camera ISO 100, shutter speed 100 and aperture F14. The shutter speed controls how much ambient light the camera allows on and the aperture determines how bright the flash looks. I love doing this kind of creative work.


image of the week

“I took this image 2 years ago but it appeared in my newsfeed again this with week when I was tagged in it. The lady on the left is called, Carole and she won Slimmers World Woman of the Year 2011, this past week was the 2 year anniversary of that win. She lost nearly 20 stone and regained a whole new lease of life and I have had the pleasure of following her journey over the past few years. She has inspired literally hundreds, if not thousands of people through her story and her words. Pam, sitting next to her, was/is her group leader and has supported her 100% from the beginning. They’ve been on an incredible journey together and I’m sure will be firm friends for life. This picture reminds me of how humble and inspiring people can be and how true friendships are an integral part of our general well being.”



My IOTW is called Proctor. A mum and 2 kids. “This image is from the Breakish Hall sessions. A series of quick fire family photo shoots held in our local hall a few times a year. Very different from my usual on location family shoots it gives me an opportunity to challenge my creativity and work with different light sources. We also raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Care. I chose this shot as it was the most experimental of the day. I’m a huge fan of chiaroscuro lighting and the rich colours of the Renaissance artists. The dark background and and off camera left constant light creates a moody feel but highlights the togetherness of the subjects by isolating them in a pool of light and reflecting warm tones.”


Megan's disco daughter

Here’s my pic of the week I love this picture if my daughter embracing the kids disco last week! She spent all her money on glow sticks!



So I’ve been obsessing a bit with food – ok, alot with food this week in preparation for a rather lovely commercial shoot next week. I’ve been playing around with new techniques, trying out different lighting and just generally photographing and also eating quite a lot so it’s been fun! This was shot in natural light on my dining room table with the main light source to my left. I used 2 small white foam boards to bounce light to where I wanted it to pick up the detail. Shot at f2.8, 1/60 and ISO400. And yes, I made a cup of tea and then sat and ate it all afterwards.


Melissa Love - Lil

This is my daughter, Lil. Whilst I take lots of pictures around the house every week, from time to time, I make a point of capturing the beautiful little details of the girls in close up. I want to remember those gorgeous eyelashes!

Image credits
Natasha DaviesĀ Natasha Davies Photography
Victoria Ward
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Megan Morgan