Who doesn’t love going to the beach? It’s the one place millions seek out as soon as there is a hint of sunshine in the long summer holidays and often holds very special childhood memories of shell collecting, splashing and jumping the tide and making those sandcastles. This week the TMK ladies share their favourite beach images with you and we’d love you to join in and share yours.

A general rule for great beach shots, is to use the rule of thirds: So you get an nice, even distribution of sea, sand and sky.


This is a special shot for me: This is Rhossilli Bay, I spent my childhood holidays here, and when my father died, we spread his ashes here. This image is actually on my wall. My tip for taking a good beach photo, is to use the landscape to frame your picture. Here, the sea seemed to be the most prominent feature, so I let that ‘flood’ (excuse the pun) my image, and I think it contrasted well with the sky.

rhossilli bay, the gower, visit wales,



I took this when we had our first TMK meeting in Fowey. I was torn between a pictures of Melissa’s beach or Rosie’s beach but chose this I am a sucker for playing in the sand! I can never resist writing in it, making sand castles or boats, sifting through it for small shells or just letting it run through my fingers.

tmk at the beach



I have no shortage of beach images to choose, but this is one of my all time favs. The sheer joy of living near the sea, demonstrated by my daughter, Grace.

Melissa Love Image


Beaches. The word instantly conjures up images of summer, stripey fabrics, golden sands and dripping ice creams. Here on Skye we like our beaches a little more rugged and the beach at the end of our road is one we visit come summer or winter, sunshine or storm. It is key to our reason to live here and I wrote about my affection for it in The Beach. I’m including a shot of my 7 year old, Kate, revelling in a walk between rainshowers in February. The dramatic light and colours and her rapt enjoyment make this for me.

Kate ashaig low lead image-6




We love the Island of Mallorca and this is Son Caliu beach, a hidden gem that I don’t want too many people to find out about! My girls had a little sister reflection time and I was lucky enough to just catch this shot whilst they stared into the distance. Beach - Mallorca


Made famous by the movie with Leonardo Di Caprio, this is the beach at Phi Phi Island, Thailand as filmed in the movie. The light was extremely bright, but it allowed me to capture the colour of the ocean and the brightly decorated boats with their traditional dressings. Despite the thousands of tourists who flock here everyday, the beach was remarkably clean and the water as warm as bathwater. A very beautiful place.

Phi Phi Island beach, Thailand

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