This week I have chosen an image that I took on a training day. India is a beautiful 14 year old who photographs well and I was pleased when she agreed to help me out for the day. This picture is taken with natural light, in full shade and using a reflector to push a little extra light into India’s face.



Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Claire & Dave – I adore this picture, taken right after the ‘You may now kiss the bride’ bit. The cheeky little smiles on both of their faces speaks volumes about how they’re feeling.

Wedding Smiles


Last Friday I had the thrill of photographing an elopement deep in the heart of the Cuillin mountains on the Isle of Skye. The outside ceremony was held at Loch Coruisk, an area accessible only on foot or by boat. I took the boat with the wedding party and on the way to the service we paused to watch the seals, watching us. This guy was just too cool with his no flippers balancing act. He fell off the rock right after I took this shot. Shooting on a  70 – 200 zoom lens on a boat pitching and swaying on the rippling sea is never the easiest feat.

Seal, Isle of Skye, Loch Coruisk, wedding photography


Snap! A dandelion photo. I guess great minds think alike, Megan (see below)! We’ve been spending the holidays foraging around in our local woods. We love to blow dandelions!

Amber Northfield Studio Boo_0209


Dandelion season is upon us! I love taking pictures of these flowers (I refuse to call them weeds!), they are so pretty, and the way their seeds fit together to form such a pretty flower is a natural beauty! I particularly like trying to get my kids ‘telling the time’ with the dandelion clock. I think I got a good capture with my son!

dandelion clock, dandelion,


This is a photo taken in Bali of a 16th century temple. It was a very spiritual place and the temple sculptures and stone masonry were breathtaking. The sense of tranquility and closeness to another time and place really made me feel peaceful.Temple - Bali

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