I don’t think that it’s any great secret that like many parents, we’re all partial to the odd glass or three of wine, here at TMK HQ. It was inevitable that ‘wine’ would crop up one day as the perfect theme for Image of the Week. Taking pictures of wine is technically food photography and there are few simple tricks you can use to give your images a boost.

  • As with all photography, you need great natural light, but when shooting a still life, it’s crucial. If you are shooting indoors, set up near a window and let the light fall on whatever you are shooting from the side. Side light creates wonderful shadows that make your scene look much more three dimensional.
  • Think about the story you are telling. What else should be in the scene? Glasses? A corkscrew?
  • If you have a camera where you can control the aperture, don’t let your focus be too narrow. If you typically shoot portraits, you might be used to shooting wide open to create those beautiful blurry backgrounds. With food photography, it’s important to be able to make out everything in the picture, so boost your aperture more than usually would.

As it’s Image of the Week, it’s Friday. So, parents everywhere, have a drink on us. Cheers!


I really enjoyed putting together this simple setup. I knew I’d need some great light, so I set up near a window to let the beautiful side light bring out the highlights in the wine. Afterwards, I disposed of the evidence!

Wine & Cheese WEB-1



I tried so hard to put in a picture from a  wedding and get away with it being technical… but no… the ladies in the office INSISTED I open a  bottle of wine despite a hangover that it literally hanging over since the weekend! So here is my glass of Malbec taken on the studio pretend wooden floor. Cheers and never again!



I don’t like wine. There, I said it. I used to but mother nature ruined all that for me when I decided to have children. In it’s place came a great passion for all things bubbly and now I hardly drink anything else. I don’t drink every night, or even every week but when I do I expect it to be chilled, flavoursome and filled with lashings of bubbles! Tonight’s delicious choice was (past tense) a Rosé Cava by Freixenet (£9.99 from Wine Rack), accompanied by the remote control and  20 pack of balloons. Happy Birthday to my youngest, Violet. 6 Today!



Unlike Penny I needed absolutely no cajoling to pop open a bottle of Prosecco and at sunset my husband and set off for our favourite spot on the croft to enjoy a sundowner or two.  Slainte.

sunset fizz-2


I actually took this camping last year … but I love the shot! Nice focus of the prosseccco (the main thing, let’s face it) with the delightful plastic glasses we had to drink it out of whilst at the campsite! I used f stop 4 and and an exposure of 1/400 to get the bottle looking super sharp.

mums like prosecco, fizzy friday


This is a bit of a cheat as Vix took this wonderful image but since wine is almost as expensive as gold here I hope I’ll be forgiven! It’s two my favourite things in one and makes the perfect summer drink. I’m actually drooling thinking about this combination right now. Beautiful natural light floods the frame and shot at 2.8 to give that wonderful blurred background us photographers love.
chambord and prosecco

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