When I originally wrote this we were basking in glorious sunshine. Since then it has snowed in Scotland and rained pretty much everywhere else… so let’s remember a week or so ago when the weather was fabulous and many of us even got our shorts out!

Remember that asking people look into the sun will make them squint and give hard shadows around their eyes, so turn them with their back to the sun, point the focal point of the camera right at them and use a little flash if necessary. They will have an even skin tone, a beautiful golden halo of light around them and a twinkle in their eye if you do it this way!


It seems like you mention sunshine to photographers and we can’t help but backlight and revel in the soft haze of gentle summer light. These images are not just about the look of  a moment but about it way it feels. How the first warm rays of sunshine feel on winter cold Scottish skin, how the late spring colours leap into life and perfume of  a million bluebells wafts on warm air….ahhhh

Marble pools_93



Doing just as Penny suggests, this is my daughter with her back to the sun. The camera focused on her (gorgeous) face and boom! I got a great shot – I love the light the sunshine gives, just like a bit of extra sparkle.

taking pictures in the sunshine, sunshine Nat

Living in a tropical country means its mostly sunny all year round! Light tends to be quite harsh and direct but sunsets can be quite spectacular, and are one of my favourite times of the day. I took this a few weeks ago to capture some holiday memories and just love the tones in the sky as the fading light reflected it’s last few rays off the ocean and clouds. I think holding a pina colada and sitting on a beach may have influenced how I feel looking at this image now!

sunset beach shot



I’m very lucky to live by the sea and to occasionally be treated to views like this. I took the family for a walk down the pier and across the seafront and the spectacular sunset lit our way. It’s been raining since then mind you. Southport Pier


Most photographers will tell you that their favourite time to shoot is the final hour before sunset. It’s actually called the golden hour by geeky photographers. But I spend a lot of time on the beach here in Cornwall with my kids when the light is often directly overhead and the shadows are harsh. In challenging conditions like these, I often shoot from above, so the that shadows become part of the composition and the lovely light in bounced off the ground and in this case, the water, giving the image a sparkly summery feel.

Love Hair & Beauty Weddings_0050



I took this last weekend. I just loved all the fresh green tones that the sun was bringing as it shone through the new leaves on the trees so I enhanced them a little. The sun is behind my model and highlighting her agianst the back ground and I have used a flash gun to bring her face out of the shadows.


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