I am so very glad to see these amazingly beautiful baby daffs growing all over my town. Spring is nearly here!




I have tried really hard and resisted to add yet another picture of Sid the kitten. Instead, this is a picture I have taken for a client. It involved lots of rolling around in poo! I used the sun behind them to outline the sheep, and gives a kind of Readybrek glow!

sheep, field, farm


I’ve just got back from an amazing trip to California (despite the worst rain in 20 years – but we won’t talk about that). On my last day, the sun shone, and I rode a cool-looking bike from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach and back. I love the old-time feel of Santa Monica Pier and in my head, this was the image I wanted to capture and make it feel a bit old school, with a bit of Photoshop trickery.



It’s wedding time again and I’m absolutely thrilled. The glorious soft light has returned to the beautiful west coast of Scotland and my weekends are filled with love and image making.

wedding photography, Scotland, Argyll, bride and groom,


Since moving to Singapore I’ve reignited my passion for food, and therefore food photography. The wet markets as they are known here are brimming with fresh produce. The air smells of the sea as you enter the fish market and the sounds of water splashing, sellers chatting and lots of people being generally busy in their work. I love going to the market, chatting to the stall holders and absorbing the atmosphere there. It’s a happy place, hard working people all doing their thing and sharing stories, eating a bowl of noodles on a break, drinking some fresh lime juice. As I was about to leave one of the guys started shouting about his special offer on fish heads for curry tonight. I had to take a closer look!
FIsh heads from wet market


Dedication is part of our ethos at TMK and despite Megan being off whizzing down the slopes in perfect conditions at Val d’Isere this week she has managed to send us this beautiful image. The rest of the team at TMK HQ are not jealous. Not one little bit.

ski, family ski-ing, Val d'Isere, blue skies

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