I love art galleries and museums and anything with a bit of culture. This is a photograph taken on my phone of one of the Budha stone statues at the Musueum of Asian Civilisations. I must have stood staring at this for over 5 minutes mesmerised by it’s serenity and peacefulness. Sometimes we all need a little calm in our hectic lives to stop and appreciate beautiful things.

Budha stone statue


I need some sunshine, and since it hasn’t been too forthcoming from the sky I have looked back through my card designs to bring you this sunny gerbera. I took this on a white board with a flash in front and one behind.

gerbera, flower, orange, sunshine


Well, this isn’t the image I thought I’d be posting. I’m in Sunny California *ahem* working this week so I thought I’d be snapping palm trees and sunshine to cheer you all up. But actually, the highlight of my week has been learning from other photographers and making dear new friends. This is one of them – Dan.



Flora the lego photographer came along to a portrait shoot this week. One of the (many) topics of conversation during the shoot was all things planes and flying. We decided Flora should broaden her horizons with a little wingwalking and aeriel photography. I am having so much fun with this and that’s a key to loving my work.

Flora the lego photographer, Isle of Skye, wingwalking, bi plane.


We had a family trip to Stamford Bridge. I have to admit, I am no football and I am often bewildered as to why a ball can cause so much passion. That said, my son loved seeing his team win!

Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, London for kids


There will never, ever be a time when I get bored of flowers (hint hint to anyone that will listen).

Beautiful Flowers

Victoria Ward @Vixward72
Megan Morgan @megssw17
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Penny Hardie Penny Hardie Photography
Natasha Shuttleworth Natasha Shuttleworth Photography