This week we thought we would have a bit of fun and include all the family. Grab an egg, a marker pen and give us some of your best eggspressions. You don’t need a fancy camera or any eggspertise for this one just eggs and a sense of fun. Get the kids involved, here you may want to hard boil your eggs I guess, and share the results with us. Go mad and add some eggstra decoration if you like and join the world of eggstraordinary egg puns that we have been cracking all week in the TMK office. Here is what we came up with:


How much (silent) fun can you have with some hard boiled eggs and sharpies! This activity kept the kids quiet for ages! They really did get creative – a minion, chick, cat, patterns and leaves with horses (please don’t ask) were used as inspiration for egg decoration. I took the shot on my white worktop, with my sigma lens on AV (DG 300-700mm), f stop 4. I highly recommend you get creative with eggs – it’s eggcellent fun!

decorating eggs with sharpies, sharpie egg decoration



We’ve had an eggceptionally busy week and have been looking forward to decorating our eggs. As is normally the case with Last Minute Vix here, I went to the basement to get the paints 5 minutes before we were due to start, only to find the paints had dried up as hard as, well, eggshell! Plan B came into effect pretty quickly and I thanked the universe for Sharpie pens. I think you’ll agree that these are fine eggsamples of moustaches and the patterned ones took ages but were so very therapeutic to do. I started the kids off with a pattern and they finished it. A WHOLE hour it took! Happy Easter everyone xxx (camera info – Canon 5d, 24 – 105 lens, f4, 50th sec)

Moustaced EggsMoustaced Eggs2015-04-02_0003 Paisley Eggs


Tom and Kate were so eggscited to get stuck into decorating some Easter eggs. I’m not eggsagerating but the room fell completely quiet for at least an hour as they eggstremely carefully concentrated on their designs. Shot with window light on my 24 -70, f4, 1/125 , ISO 1600.

2015-04-01_0002 2015-04-01_0001



I put on a 100mm macro lens and set my camera to aperture priority at F4 and ISO 200 and then took my eggs eggsploring the garden….




Whilst honeymooning in Thailand we got to see how the locals decorated their eggs for Easter.

The hotel staff had hand painted eggs in gold, white and pink then blown and sprayed paint onto the eggs to give a splatter effect.Eggs Thailand Style

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