Wow, Friday again and it’s time of the week where we like to share our little slice of TMK happiness in images. So without further ado…here goes.


At the end of a long days training I took this picture of my friend’s kids, Millie and Will. You don’t have to have cheesy portraits!

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I’m moving house this week and it’s all panic packing and frayed tempers. But I’m an ambassador for Kodak UK, and this week I had to conduct a phone interview with their press team, amidst a sea of boxes. Here’s my Instagram of the moment.

photo 2


Daughter number 1 has brought a Cello home from school. Here she is rocking a onesie whilst learning her new notes. Musicians need to be comfy.

Cello, Onesie, music, school


January is a  bit, well, blah. I realised the other day I only wear grey in the winter months (a good incentive to go shopping!). However, on Tuesday, albeit a grey morning, the fog swirled round us. I love the haunted, ghostly look of my local common (Tooting) in the fog, which I enhanced by changing the image to mono.


Fog, foggy, Tooting, Tooting Common, London, Tooting Common Trees, park, parklife


This January I’ve decided to shake up my personal photography by devoting time every day to getting out (or in when the Skye weather is being particularly em Skye like) with my camera and looking at the world and my work with fresh eyes. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my first day of shooting. Earlier in the week my 5 year old daughter went to the local toy shop to spend some Christmas money. Imagine my excitement when she chose a Lego set that included a red headed girl photographer! So without further ado – let me introduce, Flora, my new alter ego who joined me for a walk around my village

Flora, lego figure, photographer. Skye


This week I’ve chosen one of my favourite street art shots from our weekend away in Penang, Malaysia. Georgetown is a UNESCO Heritage area for its shophouses and we loved exploring this area for the culture, art, food and ambience.


Image credits
Victoria Ward @Vixward72
Megan Morgan @megssw17
Rosie Woodhouse Love Skye Photography
Melissa Love Melissa Love
Penny Hardie Penny Hardie Photography