This week we thought we would cover composition, and we came across this beautiful video by an incredible photographer Steve McCurry, which covers the main points and has gorgeous images to demonstrate each point. The video is worth watching just for the pictures!

Here are some examples of our work which demonstrate the principles that Steve shows:


My image is a fashion style picture where I have used the thirds grid to place the model. I have posed her so that she is looking into the frame and her eyes are sat on one of the four points of interest shown on the video. 2015-03-26_0001


The picture I have chosen demonstrates the technique of filling the frame. This is a close up of my daughter, and captures a moment of real childhood. By filling the frame entirely with most of her face, I think the image works beautifully.



I love this image. Southport Pier was the viewpoint for this photograph, the man and his faithful companion were on the beach for ages, enjoying the calm evening and each others company. You can see that the rule of thirds applies to this image, so much more pleasing to the eye than if both characters were in the centre of the composition.Man's best friend.


Here the road makes a leading line that takes us through the picture and past the cattle. The cow at the front is placed on one of the points of interest.

Elgol January cows-4



I’m obsessed with the rule of thirds and creating great negative space wherever I can. When I took this shot, I waited until the girls and the dog were all lined up across the bottom third line.

Rule of Thirds


I positioned myself on the beach so I could shoot the line of small boats that had come into anchor as leading lines into the frame.

Phuket beach


Thank you to our loyal supporters of Image of the Week – we love seeing you here every week! As ever, I have picked two favourites. Firstly, I have picked Melinda from A Glimmer of Hope and her fabulous series of sunset pictures. See them here.

Secondly, I picked Emma from A little Star Blog who has a fabulous photographic eye, and her image of a flower. See it here.

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