Nigiri Sushi is one of my all time favourite snacks. Amazingly my kids love it too. Yes, they are partial to a Maccy D’s too but it gives me great joy that they try and like new things.

One piece of advice if you’re going to try and make this is that you shouldn’t skimp on the ingredients – AT ALL!! Buy the best Sushi rice, the best Soy Sauce, the best pickled Ginger and the best smoked Salmon. Your tastes buds will thank you for it.


The rice is the hardest bit of doing this and even that is really simple. Read, absorb, make and scoff.

I bought a rice mold for £5.99 but you can form the shapes for these in your hands, be warned though, the rice is super sticky. Super. Sticky. I found some stuck to the back of my jeans before (right where I was practising great kitchen hygiene)

OK, so rinse 500g of  Sushi rice 3 or 4 times then rinse again.

Put the rinsed Sushi Rice in a pan and add 660ml of water.

Bring to the boil and then put a lid on the pan, simmer for 10 minutes and then leave to rest for 30 minutes.


Add the rice to a mold or freeform it into an elongated shape and place on the board on which you’ll serve them.

I used smoked Salmon (but you can use whichever fish or veg you like) cut into similar sizes as the rice shapes, dab a TINY bit of Wasabi paste onto the salmon and then place on the top of the rice.

Serve with quality Soy Sauce and pickled Ginger.



In Japan they serve these in pairs to represent peace and harmony. Let me tell you, a pair is NOT enough. From the 500g of rice we made nearly 50 Nigiri Sushi, a perfect number if you’re having guests around or just for munching on over the weekend. I’ve had 10 today and I’m full and satisfied.

2013-06-22_0004 2013-06-22_0005We love doing tutorials for you guys. Is there anything you want to see us make? Email me at Vix@trulymadlykids.co.uk and tell us.

Enjoy your Sushi.

Think BIG and reach for the stars,




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