Recently, we were invited by Robinson’s Fruit Shoot Hydro to Castle Climbing in North London. They are currently running a campaign to encourage children find ‘their thing’, and to be able to have the freedom to discover and indulge in their passions. The kids energetically took part in a 90 minute climbing session, where they scaled different rock faces and even had a chance to attempt abseiling as well. According to my children this adventure was ‘epic’ and they attacked the experience with vigour. So much so, that coming off the walls they were both drenched in sweat, but had really enjoyed the climbing, and would undoubtedly want to try it again.

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My kids are both quite sporty, and we have a vast array of water bottles that they take along to their sporting activities, but when I stopped and thought about how much water do they actually drink? Hydrating kids can be difficult!


Whilst the children climbed, we learnt from the knowledgable dietician, Jo Travers, about how encouraging our kids to be active, we should also be mindful how to teach them to be properly hydrated. I was shocked to learn that my daughter at age 11 should be drinking 1.9l a day, whereas my son should be drinking 2.1l! I have to confess, that I don’t think either get close to that amount every single day …


I obviously want to encourage finding ‘their thing’ and exerting themselves physically, but I also want to make sure they have enough water on board as well. Jo told us how ‘being thirsty’ is actually one of the last signs that a child is dehydrated: They can be lethargic, constipated or even a little malcoordinated. Jo gave some great tips to make sure they are drinking regularly, and thus forth, firing on all cylinders.


I have to admit, getting my children to drink plain water is difficult, especially as the cool branding of fizzy drinks creeps into their subconscious increasingly. Therefore, Robinson’s Fruit Shoot Hydros are great, as that bit of flavouring makes it so much more appealing, plus it does come in a funky looking bottle, making them look pretty cool drinking it and with a resealable cap, it’s easy to take it on the go.

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There are many ways to get water into your kids, as the below images shows. I’ve found with my kids that they enjoy using water diffusers and playing with flavours using fresh fruit, and Jo suggested using frozen fruit as ice cubes, which is something I’d never considered.



I’ve been making a conscious effort that whilst still encouraging my kids to participate in the things they really love to do, to make sure that they are drinking to hydrate properly. I would love to know if you have got any great tips as well for hydrating kids.

Lastly, if you find yourself near North London, take a look at Castle Climbing, it is one seriously cool place! The kids and their friend, Izzy from Joy of Five, loved it!

castle climbing, its my thing, robinson hydro fruit shoot, hydrating kids

This post is written in collaboration.